There's a Massage for Every Body

Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Releases painful muscle spasms.
  • Deeply stretches muscles.
  • Very effective for chronic pain.
  • Oxygenates stagnant tissue.
  • Increases range of movement.

Deep tissue massage effectively releases hyper-irritable spots in muscles (knots). The focused pressure resolves tension in painful areas, increasing the blood flow to tissues that have become adhered and stagnant. When a muscle is chronically tight it begins to calcify, becoming more like a bone than a muscle. This often happens on top of the shoulders where many of us carry our stress. Deep tissue massage and focused pressure can help stop this process and introduce oxygen-rich blood to the tissues resulting in healthier, more relaxed muscles that are able to carry out their jobs without pain and fatigue.

"“Great massage! I needed a sports message after my La Jolla Half Marathon race, and I was referred to Betsy. It was relaxing, and most importantly for me my stiff/sore muscles felt great afterwards so I can return to training. Thank you!”"
- Eric S
"“Betsy is a superstar! I booked a deep tissue massage with Betsy and she got in there! I am a complete stressball with mini boulders for muscles and she managed to relax my overworked bod. She started with an electric massager then used some new techniques I had never seen. It felt incredible and really loosened my muscles. I expect results from a good massage and she delivered- I felt the benefits for days. Betsy even showed me ways to recreate the exercises so I could self-massage for at-home relief.

I have subsequently booked my husband and mother-in-law for her services. 🙂

I highly recommend Betsy Heintz. And if you aren’t a glutton for punishment like me, you’ll enjoy her gentle side. Ask for the hot stones- you won’t regret it!”"

- Lauren S.