There's a Massage for Every Body

Meet Betsy



Early in my massage career, as I worked with many clients in many types of discomfort, and hearing their stories, I began to realize that Western medicine was not ideally suited for many situations. With that in mind I set out to find and master massage techniques to treat as many conditions as possible naturally, or when appropriate, in conjunction with traditional medicine.

Chronic pain and dysfunction don’t always improve with traditional massage so I trained in Rossiter Workouts, which target the fascia, a stubborn layer of connective tissue. This is often a piece of the puzzle in conditions which even opioid pain relievers don’t help. Repetitive stress conditions respond very favorably to these treatments.

Incorporating hot stones into massage brings about deep relaxation easily and naturally, quickly turning anxiousness and a racing mind into a peaceful sanctuary.

The stones can be used intermittently or left on tight, sore muscles to let the deep, penetrating heat further resolve tension.

When there is a scar from surgery or an accident, it can cause uncomfortable restriction and symptoms in other parts of the body. I was fortunate to find and train in the innovative field of Scar Massage, which minimizes the appearance and interruption in function of the tissue.

Lymphatic massage aids the body in detoxing itself naturally. This boosts immunity and processes waste products which can overwhelm the system in times of stress or illness. There is also recent evidence that encouraging lymphatic drainage can benefit autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system, such as MS. This is an excellent complimentary treatment to traditional medicine.

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