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Rossiter Workout

Benefits of Rossiter

  • Immediate increase in range of motion
  • Serious progress in a short period of time
  • Addresses chronic issues resistent to other therapies
  • Relieves pain created by strained and contracted muscles.
  • Can be used as a standalone treatment or combined with massage in a single session

​In a treatment similar to Rolfing, the practitioner leads the client through a sequence of dynamic stretches. Through this intensive process, fascia, a type of connective tissue, is released, immediately increasing range of motion and reducing pain for the long term.

The Rossiter system consists of two-person stretching techniques for motivated people who want to take charge of their body’s recovery and well being.

You and your Rossiter Coach stretch together to double the pain-relieving results. You know where your pain is, and your Coach uses knowledge of anatomy and connective tissue to help you get the best, most powerful stretch to get to the core of the problem.

The Rossiter System targets your body’s connective tissue, which tightens and shortens from age, overuse and injury. Rossiter workouts loosen tissue and give it back the “space” it needs to work freely, without symptoms, pain or tightness.

What’s a workout like? The client lies on the floor on a mat, fully clothed. The Rossiter Coach adds weight with her foot to anchor your tissue in place while you hunt for the pain and stretch the congested tissue in three dimensions to achieve true freedom of movement. It’s your body and you’re in charge!

The Results: Two people achieve pain relief quicker and more powerfully than one person stretching alone. -Richard Rossiter, creator of Rossiter Workout.

"“Betsy really knows how to work out my aches and pains from triathlon training. Her Rossiter technique is brutal but effective at getting out the chronic tightness. Then there is her hot rock treatment for ultimate relaxation. I’ve been using Betsy’s services for many years…I sometimes try other therapists, but always come back to Betsy. Friendly, comfortable, and competitively priced. I always sleep so well the night after visiting her.”"
- Kathy S