The Problem Isn’t Always Where You Think It Is!

Trigger Points are hyper-irritable spots in muscles which cause referred pain, like pain in the left arm caused by a heart attack. In these diagrams the X’s show the specific location of the tension and the red areas where the pain is felt. The reason the pain is felt in another location is due to the nerves sharing spinal segments. Treating the left arm would not help the heart attack victim, just as rubbing your temple will not help you when the cause of your headache is a tight muscle down in your neck. What does help in this case is professional massage.

  • The X’s are showing the location of trigger points in deeper neck muscles causing arm, shoulder and hand pain. It is not advisable to receive deep work on the neck during a $29 foot massage.

  • Extreme tension in calf muscles frequently causes chronic knee and foot pain. Quick, long- lasting relief can be found by releasing fascia that’s binding tissue together. The process involves pinning all the tissue while activating the muscle.


Fascia connects your skin to the layer of fat beneath it, it connects that fat to the underlying muscles, the muscles to the bones. Fascia encompasses those muscles, it wraps around every muscle fiber, every blood vessel, lymph vessel, and nerve, it surrounds your organs and holds them in place…it is a continuous network that permeates the human body.

Fascia is composed of collagen fibers. They form a sheath for every muscle fiber to slide past their neighbor. However when fascia sticks together it’s like saran wrap. Persistent pain and tightening occur and the area becomes encased and immobile.

When we are born we are an amazing 92% water. By age 20 that is down to 75%. The good news is that massage hydrates and detoxes the tissues, increases surface area for further hydration and flushing congestion away through the lymphatic system.

During restful sleep we heal.   When we miss out on restorative sleep due to muscle or fascia pain the situation is exacerbated because we don’t heal so we don’t sleep so we don’t heal…….! The wisest course of action is to have a massage and work out the pain at its cause.

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