When We are Born We are 78% Water!

That’s why babies are so flexible and nothing cracks or pops when they move. All their tissue is sliding past each other and it’s all healthy and hydrated. Then comes life and…

By the time we are 20 we’re down to 60%!

As we fall down, take part in repetitive activities, suffer injuries, experience inflammation and illness, develop bad habits and even lose ground due to the the effects of gravity, tissue gets stuck together and dried out. Muscles that once slid past each other doing their separate jobs become fused and can no longer comfortably operate. They lose their flexibility and become prone to injury. They are less heathy because they aren’t stretching and moving to receive fresh flood in exchange for waste products. Nerves become compressed and cause aching, pain, weakness and numbness.

But don’t lose hope! Soft tissue is pliable and bodywork can help!
This is why I believe there’s a massage for every body. Layers of muscle tissue can be hydrated and unstuck with Swedish and deep tissue massage. The stubborn layers of fascia which don’t stretch can be freed up with Rossiter Workouts. Lymphatic massage moves wastes from the tissues and detoxes the body. When the body can move comfortably, the mind can relax as well.

Regular bodywork from an experienced therapist can ensure healthy, vital tissue and a body that can spring back when it falls down – through all the eras of our lives.

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